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Intellimar Sales Associates

Intellimar Sales Associates is the architectural sales group within Intellimar, Inc., supporting product manufacturers in the Mid-Atlantic area (Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia). This group concentrates on unique physical security products including specialty door systems, prefabricated buildings and architectural pre-cast concrete. The Mid-Atlantic Territory is unique in that many of the federal product specifications are developed here. As such, Intellimar Sales Associates services include a mix of architectural sales efforts as well as broad-based marketing within the federal government. Our sales team works closely with federal specifiers and the architectural community, as well as with distributors and general contractors. Field sales, in-house sales and customer service personnel work closely with customers beginning in the specification stage through delivery.

Concentric Security - Integrating Physical Security LLC

Concentric Security

‘Great News’… GovSupply is now Concentric Security, LLC

Concentric Security, LLC is the preeminent homeland security contractor specializing in perimeter security, blast/glass hazard mitigation, and interior physical security related products, services and solutions. The company was originally founded as GovSupply; a division of Intellimar, Inc. GovSupply focused specifically on serving the physical security needs of its federal government customers. Since its inception, GovSupply grew very quickly and today serves not only its original federal customers but provides similar services for commercial customers. In 2004 GovSupply was incorporated under the Concentric Security name to better reflect the range of products and services it offers and the customers it serves.

The mission of Concentric Security is to provide physical security solutions that secure U.S. facilities and safeguard the lives of our citizens both domestically and abroad. We serve a broad client base that includes commercial entities and many federal agencies including the U.S. Departments of Defense, State, Justice, the U.S. General Services Administration, the Smithsonian Institution and the Intelligence Community.

To achieve this mission, Concentric Security has developed strong relationships with product and service providers that share our vision of exceeding our customers' expectations. This has enabled us to acquire the industry knowledge and technical expertise to create broad-based solution categories that focus the expertise of our business partners and employees. These technology competencies allow us to concentrate on specific, recognizable problems and work hand-in-hand with our customers. Concentric Security currently has three established core competencies:

GSA Schedule Contract GS-07F-0100 Blast Resistance and Glass Hazard Mitigation
Perimeter Security
Physical Security Related Facility and Interior Entry Control

Concentric Security hosts the single largest GSA Federal Supply Schedule (GS-07F-0100M, listed under Intellimar, Inc.) with over 34,000 products/services dedicated to force protection and homeland security. This purchasing vehicle includes provisions for acquiring not only products but also a broad range of ancillary services including design services, product installation and construction. This allows Concentric Security to provide turnkey solutions that often begin with design/engineering services and extend through product supply, installation and warranty.

Blue Ember Technologies LLC

Blue Ember Technologies

Blue Ember Technologies, LLC was formed to satisfy the demand for emerging and innovative security products. Blue Ember Technologies core competencies include product innovation through design and engineering, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

We know that the seeds for creating new technologies often lie in looking at existing products in new and exciting ways. Our goal is to develop new products that redefine and reignite old established markets while solving the security challenges we face.

The name Blue Ember Technologies is very descriptive of what we do. An ember is defined as the coal of a dying fire but to us it is the spark that reignites the fire. All the ember needs is fuel. For us that fuel is imagination, innovation and execution.

Blue Ember Technologies is dedicated to meeting current security product demands through the creative redesign of existing products, application of existing technologies in new ways, and the development of entirely new technologies. We will solve past and current customer problems with technologies that redefine the markets we serve.

Welcome to Blue Ember Technologies… Welcome to the ‘Fire’ of Security Product Innovation